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Awesome Electron Awesome

Useful resources for creating apps with Electron

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npm Package

The contents of this README are available in a structured JSON format:

npm i awesome-electron

When you require('awesome-electron'), you get an array of all that is awesome:

{ name: 'WebTorrent',
  href: '',
  description: 'Streaming torrent client.',
  category: 'apps',
  subcategory: 'open_source' },
{ name: 'Min',
  href: '',
  description: 'Minimal web browser.',
  category: 'apps',
  subcategory: 'open_source' },
{ name: 'Mancy',
  href: '',
  description: 'JavaScript REPL.',
  category: 'apps',
  subcategory: 'open_source' },

To keep the repository's master branch clean and contributor-friendly, the code for this npm package lives in a separate branch:


Made with Electron.

Open Source


Closed Source

  • GitKraken - Git client.
  • 1Clipboard - Universal clipboard manager.
  • Franz - Skype, Slack, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Grape, Telegram, FB Messenger, Hipchat in the same app.
  • Postman - Create and send HTTP requests.
  • Slack - Desktop version.
  • Avocode - Share design and collaborate.
  • Pixate - Mobile interaction designer.
  • Prepros - Compile almost any preprocessing language with live browser refresh.
  • Stremio - Media center.
  • Typetalk - Share and discuss ideas with your team through instant messaging.
  • Pingendo - Bootstrap prototyping.
  • Spreaker Studio - Audio recording and broadcasting.
  • MockingBot - Prototyping tool for designing apps.
  • Caret - Markdown editor.
  • Wagon - SQL editor.
  • Wantedly Chat - Business team chat. (Japanese)
  • Remember - Business card management. (Korean)
  • Pubu - Real-time chat for team communication. (Chinese)
  • BearyChat - Team messaging service. (Chinese)
  • MongoDB Compass - Official MongoDB app.
  • Freeter - Organizer for freelancers & creatives.
  • WhatsApp - Official WhatsApp app.
  • CatLight - Build status notifier.
  • Paws - Trello client.
  • Automint - CRM for automobile businesses.
  • CrossCloud - Secure sync for multiple cloud storages.
  • Discord - Voice and text chat for gamers.
  • Cocos Creator - Game editor for creating web and native games for Cocos2D-x.
  • Inkdrop - Markdown notebook for hackers.
  • Exodus - Secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Hackolade - Data modeling for NoSQL and multi-model databases.
  • Headset - Discover, collect, and listen to music from YouTube.
  • ScreenSquid - Record and playback website visitor sessions.
  • CashNotify - Monitor your Stripe accounts from your menu bar.
  • Mockoon - Mock servers in seconds.
  • Twitch - Official Twitch app.


  • Electron API usage - Sample apps illustrating usage of Electron APIs.
  • Screen Recorder - WebRTC screen recorder.
  • Activity Monitor - Shows a doughnut chart of the CPU system, user, and idle activity time.
  • Hash - Shows the hash values of entered text using different algorithms.
  • Prices - Shows the current price of oil, gold, and silver using the Yahoo Finance API.
  • Touch Bar API - Example of macOS Touch Bar integration.



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